To form a habit!

Self-discipline can seem difficult, because if our willing power is strong then we can form a habit.It takes time,you know what! “Good thing take time to happen”.Some people say it takes 21 days to form a habit,but most people said no doubt it takes 21 days,but it up to you,how you feel under this time period,if you feel bad or negative during this time you can’t form a habit,but if you feel happy after doing new things or habit,then you probably going to form a habit, and within 66 days we can addicted of a habit, because It’s mine experience,so many times ago I started learning something new habit,and now if sometimes I forgot to learn something new,”my soul start yelling and shouting,what did you do today?”.
Second thing bad habits take little times to happen,like using mobile and social sites many other things,most of people enjoy to use social sites,but I think we should use it,but not too much,so we forget to do necessary things, because our self-discipline can help us to go further in life not social media.